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Here you will find video tutorials showing Thermoflow's programs in action. These are intended to familiarize the user with the program interfaces. These videos are organized by program, so follow the links below to the individual program's page.  Be sure to check back from time to time, as we will be adding more videos to our collection.


THERMOFLEX Basics I First of our introductory videoseries.  Basic concepts are introduced through the construction of an open cycle gas turbine plant.
THERMOFLEX Icon Anatomy Explains THERMOFLEX icons and how to connect them.
THERMOFLEX Icon Selector Shows how the available THERMOFLEX icons are arranged and the differences between them.
THERMOFLEX Component Manipulation Explains how to efficiently manipulate THERMOFLEX icons.
THERMOFLEX Basics II:Adding A Heat Recovery Boiler Continues our introductory example by adding a heat recovery boiler to the gas turbine plant constructed in the first video.
THERMOFLEX PEACE Components Introduces Plant Engineering And Cost Estimation (PEACE) components.
THERMOFLEX Component Modes Explains the difference between Design and Off-Design mode and how it ahis video effects components.



GT PRO Slideshow Tutorial I A walkthrough of the GT PRO program, both input and output screens, complete with voice-over narration and description of the inputs.
THERMOFLEX Slideshow Tutorial I A walkthrough of the process of building a model, from connecting components to make a cycle and specifying inputs for the model. It explains how to compute the heat balance, parse advisory messages and heat balance errors, and view the myriad graphical and textxual ouput available.
THERMOFLEX Slideshow Tutorial II An overview of how to incorporate PEACE components into your model, the difference between obtaining component size vs. thermodynamic performance, how to manage design modes globally and locally, and the process of specifying hardware to create a model accurate at the design point and off-design.
Walkthrough of How To Model A Steam Cycle A walkthrough of how to model a steam cycle, from the choice of choice of components to input selection. It addresses the specification of steam turbine performance, designing feedwater heaters and pipes, detail engineering in Off-design mode, and the macro feature, as well as various useful features and considerations that are often encountered.
Matching a Vendor's HRSG Model in THERMOFLEX Demonstrates how to create a THERMOFLEX model of an HRSG that matches hardware data provided by a vendor.
Matching a Vendor's ST Model in THERMOFLEX Demonstrates how to create a THERMOFLEX model of an ST that matches hardware data provided by a vendor.
Creating A User-Defined Condenser in THERMOFLEX Demonstrates how to create a custom component that matches a condenser specified by a vendor.