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Here you will find video tutorials showing Thermoflow's programs in action. These are intended to familiarize the user with the program interfaces. These videos are organized by program, so follow the links below to the individual program's page.  Be sure to check back from time to time, as we will be adding more videos to our collection.


THERMOFLEX Basics I First of our introductory videoseries.  Basic concepts are introduced through the construction of an open cycle gas turbine plant.
THERMOFLEX Icon Anatomy Explains THERMOFLEX icons and how to connect them.
THERMOFLEX Icon Selector Shows how the available THERMOFLEX icons are arranged and the differences between them.
THERMOFLEX Component Manipulation Explains how to efficiently manipulate THERMOFLEX icons.
THERMOFLEX Basics II:Adding A Heat Recovery Boiler Continues our introductory example by adding a heat recovery boiler to the gas turbine plant constructed in the first video.
THERMOFLEX PEACE Components Introduces Plant Engineering And Cost Estimation (PEACE) components.
THERMOFLEX Component Modes Explains the difference between Design and Off-Design mode and how each mode affects components.



GT PRO Slideshow Tutorial I A walkthrough of the GT PRO program, both input and output screens, complete with voice-over narration and description of the inputs.
THERMOFLEX Slideshow Tutorial I A walkthrough of the process of building a model, from connecting components to make a cycle and specifying inputs for the model. It explains how to compute the heat balance, parse advisory messages and heat balance errors, and view the myriad graphical and textxual ouput available.
THERMOFLEX Slideshow Tutorial II An overview of how to incorporate PEACE components into your model, the difference between obtaining component size vs. thermodynamic performance, how to manage design modes globally and locally, and the process of specifying hardware to create a model accurate at the design point and off-design.
Walkthrough of How To Model A Steam Cycle A walkthrough of how to model a steam cycle, from the choice of choice of components to input selection. It addresses the specification of steam turbine performance, designing feedwater heaters and pipes, detail engineering in Off-design mode, and the macro feature, as well as various useful features and considerations that are often encountered.
Matching a Vendor's HRSG Model in THERMOFLEX Demonstrates how to create a THERMOFLEX model of an HRSG that matches hardware data provided by a vendor.
Matching a Vendor's ST Model in THERMOFLEX Demonstrates how to create a THERMOFLEX model of an ST that matches hardware data provided by a vendor.
Creating A User-Defined Condenser in THERMOFLEX Demonstrates how to create a custom component that matches a condenser specified by a vendor.


Feature Webinar Presentation Slides (If you have a Thermoflow Service Center account, you can login to your account to access video recordings of all the below Webinars):

Webinar 1: Assemblies in THERMOFLEX 12 June 2017
* Why Assemblies? Reasons THERMOFLEX includes the Assembly feature
* Types of Assemblies: HRSG, Boiler, Steam Turbine, Plant Assembly
* Assembly Definition & Inputs
* Managing the Assembly
* Comparison of Results with / without Assemblies
Webinar 2: SCRIPTS in Thermoflow Programs 21 June 2017
* Introduction: Why Scripts?
* Script Definition
* Managing Script Parameters
* Examples
Webinar 3: Multi-Point Design 28 June 2017
* Why Multi-Point Design (MPD)?
* MPD and the TF program suite
* When to use the MPD feature in GTP/M
* A brief introduction to the district heating problem
* Worked example - CCGT DH system
Webinar 4: Reciprocating Engines & Heat Recovery in THERMOFLEX 5 July 2017
* Recip. Engine Component in TFX Database or User-Defined
* Available Heat from Exhaust Gas and Engine Cooling
* Heat Recovery for Hot Water, Steam and Chilled Water
* Multiple Engines
* Off-Design Simulation
Webinar 5: TIME and Simplified Annual Method 12 July 2017
* What is TIME?
* Snapshot and Simplified Annual Method
* When to use TIME
* TIME, Power plant sample
Webinar 6: Matching Steam Turbine Performance to an Existing Heat Balance in STEAM PRO 19 July 2017
* ST hardware Inlet modules and Exhaust End geometries
* Establishing ST leakages and Steam Sealing Systems
Webinar 7: Modelling Solar Thermal Systems 27 July 2017
* Solar Components in THERMOFLEX/PEACE
* Design Mode
* Off-design simulation: controls @ operating points
* Link to Excel, ''dynamic'' simulation and annual yield
* Hybrid plants
Webinar 8: Combining THERMOFLEX & Application-Specific Programs 3 August 2017
* THERMOFLEX and Application-Specific program links
* Importing files into THERMOFLEX
* Merging THERMOFLEX files
* Off-Design Simulation
Webinar 9: Methods & Methodology in GT PRO & STEAM PRO 16 August 2017
* Understanding the fundamental differences in specifying the arrangement of HRSG heat transfer surfaces when using either the Simplified, Automatic, or User-Defined Method
* Understanding the fundamental differences between plant models specified using Methodology 1, 2, or 3
Webinar 10: Supplementary Firing & Control Loops in GT PRO & GT MASTER 31 August 2017
* Designing Plants with Supplementary Firing
* HRSG with Radiant Surfaces
* Control Loop in GT MASTER
Webinar 11: The Wind Turbine Feature in THERMOFLEX 13 September 2017
* The Wind Farm component
* TD Mode / OD Mode
* Annual Output estimate
* Examples
Webinar 12: Modelling GTs in Thermoflow Programs 27 September 2017
* Distinguishing GTs in Library
* GT input tabs and heat rejection options
* GT features included by default
* The user-defined GT
* Transitioning GT models from design to off-design
* Modelling GTs in THERMOFLEX
Webinar 13: THERMOFLEX for On-Line/Off-Line Performance Monitoring 5 October 2017
* Introduction by Thermoflow
* Presentation of real-world application of THERMOFLEX as an on-line/off-line plant performance monitoring tool by guest from ENGIE
Webinar 14: Thermoflow Version 27 - What's New 6 October 2017
Webinar 15: Modelling GTs in Thermoflow Programs, Part II 25 October 2017
* See Webinar 12
Webinar 16: GTTRAN: Transient Modelling 9 November 2017
* Steady state vs Transient modeling
* GTTRAN inputs and outputs
* Model sample
Webinar 17: Total Plant Cost in THERMOFLEX 21 November 2017
* PEACE Components in THERMOFLEX
* Cost estimation in THERMOFLEX, traditional approach
* Plant Assembly and Total Plant Cost
* Economic & Financial Assumptions
* Non-Flowsheet components
* Results and Techno-Economic Optimization
Webinar 18: Steam Turbine Tuning 13 December 2017
* Features in GT MASTER and in THERMOFLEX
* Conditions and Requirements
* Single-point Tuning
* Multi-point Tuning
Webinar 19: Creating Your Own THERMOFLEX Component 17 January 2018
* Creating a new component from scratch to use your own code
* Using your component in a THERMOFLEX network
* Distributing your component to other THERMOFLEX users
Webinar 20: Cooling System Optimization 24 January 2018
* Cooling system types in Thermoflow software
* Cooling system design
* Cooling system at off-design
* Automatic optimization at off-design
Webinar 21: Steam Turbine Modelling Series - Part I 31 January 2018
* Creating steam turbine models in THERMOFLEX
Webinar 22: Steam Turbine Modelling Series - Part II 7 February 2018
* Manipulating steam turbine models to match desired performance in THERMOFLEX
Webinar 23: Steam Turbine Modelling Series - Part III 14 February 2018
* Creating steam turbine models in THERMOFLEX - using fundamental building blocks
Webinar 24: Advanced Scripting 28 February 2018
* Connecting Excel data to Thermoflow models using scripts - example in GT MASTER
Webinar 25: Cataloging Models in GT MASTER & THERMOFLEX 14 March 2018
* Using the Catalog feature to reuse and distribute models/sub-models created in GT MASTER & THERMOFLEX
Webinar 26: Photovoltaics in THERMOFLEX 25 April 2018
* The PV Field Component
* TD Mode / OD Mode: inputs, calculation and outputs
* Annual Output Estimate
Webinar 27: Upcoming Features in Version 28 16 May 2018
* 'TFR' - New program for analyzing performance and economics of electric grids consisting of a mix of renewable energy plants, electricity storage systems, and fossil power plants
* Electric storage components in THERMOFLEX
* Battery storage systems in GT PRO & GT MASTER
Webinar 28: On-Line & Off-Line Simulation of a Coal-Fired Plant, Computation Tools Overview 30 May 2018
* Replicating an existing plant in STEAM PRO/STEAM MASTER/PEACE
* On-line Simulation & Performance Monitoring, ELINK, ULINK
* Data Reconciliation (DRS) and System Optimization (TOPS)
Webinar 29: Inlet Chilling Systems & Chilled Water Storage in GT PRO & GT MASTER 24 July 2018
* Inlet Air Cooling Systems in GT PRO/GT MASTER
* Chiller types & design in GT PRO
* Chiller Operation in GT MASTER
* Chilled Water Storage 24-hr Model
Webinar 30: What's New in Thermoflow 28 4 October 2018
* New features in Thermoflow Version 28
* Introduction to the new prorgram NOVO PRO (called 'TFR' during development)
Webinar 31: Modelling M on N Systems 13 February 2019
* Modelling M on N systems in GT PRO/GT MASTER, Design and Simulation
* Modelling M on N systems in STEAM PRO/STEAM MASTER, Design and Simulation
* Using THERMOFLEX for modelling M on N systems: standalone, link or import
* Design a M on N plant in THERMOFLEX with different M and N using scripts
Webinar 32: Advanced Features in THERMOFLEX 7 March 2019
* Control Loops
* Searcher
* "Classic" Macros
* Shaft Power