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THERMOFLEX is Thermoflow's fully-flexible heat balance and engineering calculation program that allows you to run both design calculation and off-design simulation of a given model.  Models are built by connecting individual icons representing one of over 200 different components.  THERMOFLEX can also be used in conjunction with one of Thermoflow's application-specific programs (GT PRO, GT MASTER, STEAM PRO, and STEAM MASTER), either by linking the THERMOFLEX model to the application-specific model, or by directly loading the generated plant design into THERMOFLEX for further editing. The videos found in the link above show the construction of a basic model in THERMOFLEX and provide in-depth description of some of its features.

The videos listed on this page provide an introduction to THERMOFLEX. The main videos, listed on the left-hand side of the page, walk through the basics of building a model in THERMOFLEX. The others, listed under "More Information," provide an in-depth look at specific topics related to the more general video.

Tip: Move your cursor over a video when it's playing to display its controls.  Among their other features, the video controls will allow you to jump to different sections, to hide or display captions, and to search through the captions.

Modeling Basics I: Open Cycle Gas Turbine (~10:00)


This is the first video in the introductory series.  Basic modeling concepts are introduced through the construction of an open cycle gas turbine plant.

More Information
THERMOFLEX Icon Anatomy: Icons and nodes (~5:00) THERMOFLEX's Icon Selector: Icon list, legend pictures, visages, and settings (~9:00) Component Manipulation: Selecting, moving, deleting, transposing, connecting, cutting, copying, pasting, and resizing THERMOFLEX components(~16:00)

Modeling Basics II: Adding a Heat Recovery Boiler (~12:00)


This video continues our introductory series by adding a heat recovery boiler to the gas turbine plant constructed in the first video.


Modeling Basics III: PEACE Components (~15:00)


The third video in the introductory series introduces Plant Engineering And Cost Estimation (PEACE) components.

More Information
THERMOFLEX Computation Modes (~7:35)