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Licensing Thermoflow's Products

Two types of licenses are offered. The One-Year License is valid for a period of twelve months and may be renewed at the price published one month prior to its expiration. The Long-Term License is comprised of a first year fee and lower subsequent annual fees. A license shall remain valid as long as the appropriate fees are paid when due. Prices are established by a firm price list, and discounts are calculated for multi-program bundles and multi-user/multi-site licenses using a fixed calculation procedure. Thermoflow is proud of its consistent and uniformly-applied pricing policy, which ensures that all customers are similarly charged.

Thermoflow has several international full-time staff members and sales/customer support affiliates.  Whilst those can assist a customer in learning about Thermoflow's products and selecting the most suited, the license is only granted by an agreement signed directly between the customer (licensee) and Thermoflow's US headquarters.  As part of this agreement, Thermoflow's headquarters will supply the licensee with a hardware key that enables the software to function, and uniquely identifies the customer's licensed site.  The timed hardware key enables the software to operate for the licensed period (plus a grace period).  At the end of the licensed period, the hardware key can be refreshed via Thermoflow's website if the license is renewed, or must be returned to Thermoflow.

Upon receipt of a new hardware key from Thermoflow, a customer must visit Thermoflow's website to register as a licensed user.  Periodically thereafter, the customer can log onto Thermoflow's website for updates to the software, and to refresh the Thermoflow-supplied hardware key if the customer wishes to renew the license.


Export Control

Thermoflow's software products fall under US Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) category EAR99. All customers must have a mutually signed agreement with Thermoflow's headquarters office in the USA. This agreement prohibits use of the software or by any party other than the licensee, and prohibits the transfer or re-sale or re-export of the software to any party. Thermoflow does not license its software to any party appearing on the Denied Persons List or the Entity List maintained by the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security; nor to any party in a country listed on the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List maintained by the US Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control to target certain foreign countries, such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, North Sudan and Syria.


Software Piracy

Unfortunately, it has come to Thermoflow's attention that certain parties have somehow obtained illegal, pirated copies of Thermoflow's products. Since it takes time for criminals to crack Thermoflow's software protection, and since Thermoflow now regularly changes its protection techniques to make it harder for criminals to keep up, most illegal copies are of older versions. Because legitimate licensees generally use the most recent version (currently Version 30), you should be advised that anyone running an older version may be using a pirated copy; and the older the version being run, the greater the probability that it may be illegal and pirated.

In the USA, and also in most countries around the world, users of pirated software are exposed to criminal penalties, including imprisonment; as well as substantial liabilities if a civil lawsuit is successfully brought against them. In the USA, civil liability awards may greatly exceed the price of a legitimate license of the pirated software, and parties who may have derived profit from the use of pirated software may also be liable for damages in proportion to this profit.

Thermoflow shall vigorously prosecute illegal users of its software, including filing criminal complaints against perpetrators, both at the individual user level and at the corporate level for organizations that have illegally used, or profited from the illegal use of Thermoflow's software. Therefore, if you are a user of Thermoflow's products, please check to make sure that:

(1)You, or your company, has a valid license agreement signed by your company and by Thermoflow's US-based headquarters.
(2)You have a physical HASP hardware key supplied by Thermoflow, with a unique key ID and site ID identifying you or your company as a licensed site.
(3)You are registered as a current user through Thermoflow's website, and have a valid user name and password.

If you are using Thermoflow's products, and any of the above three criteria is not satisfied, then you are using an illegal copy and we strongly encourage you to contact Thermoflow by filing a confidential piracy report.

To file a Confidential Piracy Report, click here

Reward for Uncovering Software Piracy

Thermoflow shall not prosecute any individual who willingly comes forth and admits to past illegal use of Thermoflow's software. If you supply Thermoflow with information which leads to recovering lost license fees and/or damages from companies that have used, or profited from the use of unlicensed copies of Thermoflow's software, Thermoflow shall pay you a reward of 30% of the net amount recovered by Thermoflow, after legal fees and costs, with a minimum of $10,000.

Please beware that the historic list of customers on Thermoflow's website, is a legacy of our nearly thirty years in this industry. It includes many companies that may no longer exist, or have been merged or acquired or changed names, or may have discontinued their Thermoflow licenses, or may have only attended Thermoflow's Combined Cycle seminar. Thus, the mere fact that a company appears on this list does not in any way confirm that this company has a valid and current license.

If you are an employee or contractor or customer of a company that uses Thermoflow software, and if you are unsure if their license is valid, you can protect yourself from any liability by confidentially contacting Thermoflow to determine the validity of this company's license.

To file a Confidential Inquiry Regarding License Validity, click here