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October 3, 2017: Thermoflow Suite 27 (TFLOW27) released. Some highlights follow.

  • The Annualized Plant Financial Performance method for estimating plant cashflow, inclusive of seasonal variations as well as startups and shutdowns is now available directly in GT PRO and STEAM PRO, simplifying determination of these effects and design choices upon ROI and net present value. The method had been introduced to GT MASTER and STEAM MASTER in Version 22.

  • In GT PRO, matching of OEM output power at the design condition is now simplified with automated adjustment of steam turbine efficiency.

  • In GT MASTER, the steam turbine can receive automatic adjustments to nozzle areas and efficiencies to tune the program's model to replicate vendor specifications at one or multiple operating conditions.

  • Condensers and cooling towers modeled in GT MASTER can be automatically tuned to match vendor data. Alternatively, OEM performance curves can be directly imposed.
  • Sub-system models of a GT MASTER plant model can be stored in a Model Catalog, enabling sub-models, complete with all user adjustments, to be later selected from the Catalog for use in other GT MASTER plant models. Sub-systems include the HRSG, steam turbine, cooling system, and more.
  • STEAM PRO and STEAM MASTER can now include a Flue Gas Cooler, recovering still more useful heat from the flue gas and delivering that heat to the feedwater heating system.
  • THERMOFLEX now has a streamlined method for inserting and defining a Steam Turbine Assembly.
  • Several components in THERMOFLEX are now equipped with entries for user-defined off-design performance curves, enabling direct imposition of OEM-specified performance.
  • Users can now copy/paste flowsheet items from one THERMOFLEX file to another open THERMOFLEX file, bringing along connectors and labels as well as component data.
  • THERMOFLEX now allows you to store portions of models you have built and tested in a Model Catalog, preserving them for use in other system models.
  • The Gas Turbine Library and THERMOFLEX's reciprocating engine library have been expanded to include additional engines.

Read update letter distributed with TFLOW27 for details

Version 27 release webinar is now available for download through your Thermoflow Service Center account.