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Optimization of plant designs and ongoing plant operations

Thermoflow's Optimization System (TOPS) is a general purpose optimizer that runs from Excel.  TOPS works with a model computed by one of our Core Programs to help you optimize your plant designs, or your ongoing plant operations.

TOPS is exceedingly flexible.  The function whose minimum or maximum is desired, is defined in Excel using all the freedom and capabilities Excel provides.  TOPS uses robust, well-proven non-linear optimization algorithms that accommodate the inevitable twists and turns in your objective function.

You can use TOPS to identify optimum plant loading conditions to maximize profit, maximize efficiency, or minimize losses.  Or, you can use TOPS to select optimum design parameters that maximize ROI, or minimize first cost.

TOPS works in conjunction with any of Thermoflow’s Core Programs, and is does not function on its own.  TOPS is licensed separately.


If you would like to learn more about TOPS and how TOPS fits into our entire software suite, we would be happy to send you a restricted trial version of our comprehensive software suite, or show you the program online.

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We invite you to order a restricted trial version of our software suite.  The free trial package comes with working versions of our software with restrictions on only a few of the thousands of program inputs.  The package also includes THERMOFLEX LITE, a free version of THERMOFLEX which you can use to construct numerous models of practical systems.

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