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Programs to extend the capabilities of Thermoflow's Core Modeling Tools.

Thermoflow offers several MS Excel-based “Super Programs” that generate additional functionality from a model built with one of our Core Programs.  Super Programs run from Excel and sit "on-top-of" a core model.  Super Programs have their own calculation logic and algorithms that build on capabilities of the Core Programs.

Thermoflow offers several Super Programs, each described on its own page.

  • Excel Link (ELINK) is the utility to run a core model from Excel.  You specify model inputs in Excel cells, and get model outputs in other cells.  Elink is useful for running batches of cases and for creating your own what-if simulator in Excel.

  • Thermoflow's Optimization System (TOPS) is a general purpose optimizer that finds a set of values for core model inputs that optimizes a function you create in Excel.  You can use TOPS to optimize plant designs, and/or optimize plant operation.

  • Data Reconciliation System (DRS) reconciles measured plant data with a core model.  DRS provides a detailed instrumentation health summary and a complete heat and mass balance consistent with the measured data.