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Run Thermoflow software from MS Excel

The Excel Link (ELINK) utility lets you run core Thermoflow programs from inside Excel.  ELINK allows you to edit inputs, run calculations, and view outputs all without leaving the Excel environment.  You can run any number of cases starting from an existing model file for plant design studies, cycle optimization, and what-if simulation purposes.

Any number of input parameters can be changed in each case.  User-selected model outputs are automatically updated in cells on the worksheet following calculation.  You can combine core program outputs with each other, or with other values you supply to extend the calculation to fit your needs.  You can easily create tabular and graphical outputs in Excel using all the features of Excel together with the power of the underlying Thermoflow model.

ELINK works in conjunction with any of Thermoflow’s Core Programs (GT PRO, GT MASTER, STEAM PRO, STEAM MASTER, THERMOFLEX, PEACE) and is included at no additional charge.


If you would like to learn more about ELINK and how it fits into our entire software suite, we would be happy to send you a restricted trial version of our comprehensive software suite, or show you the program online.

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We invite you to order a restricted trial version of our software suite.  The free trial package comes with working versions of our software with restrictions on only a few of the thousands of program inputs.  The package also includes THERMOFLEX LITE, a free version of THERMOFLEX which you can use to construct numerous models of practical systems.

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