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THERMOFLEX & PEACE: Solar Thermal Modeling

These powerful tools are used for heat balance design of thermal power systems, and for simulation of off-design plant performance. THERMOFLEX is flexible. It provides the user full freedom to construct flowsheets using component models available in its toolbox. THERMOFLEX has all the components needed to model complete power plants of virtually every type, or to model only a small subsystem such as a pump and pipe.

Download Solar Thermal Brochure containing an overview of solar thermal modeling features with examples.

View White paper describing the solar thermal modeling features in Thermoflow software, presented at SolarPACES 2009 conference in Berlin.



A large variety of solar thermal models can be built with the tools provided in THERMOFLEX and PEACE.  A selection is shown below.

Kramer Junction SEGS VI Plant

Hybrid Solar-Fossil Power Plant

Integrated Solar Combined Cycle

Air Conditioning with Solar Heat

Solar Thermal Desalination

Solar Heated Gas Turbine - SOLUGAS Project