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Pulverized Coal - Oxyfuel Combustion and STEAM MASTER Links

THERMOFLEX can readily model an entire oxyfuel plant using existing components, as shown in Sample 7. However, if greater simplicity is desired, it is possible to use one of Thermoflow's more focused programs to model the conventional portion of the plant while taking advantage of THERMOFLEX's flexibility to model the more unique, unconventional segment. In the sample shown here, THERMOFLEX is used in conjunction with STEAM MASTER to model a supercritical, single reheat PC oxyfuel plant with 500 MWe gross output. In this model, STEAM MASTER computes the steam cycle while THERMOFLEX handles the gas side of the plant, including the ASU, furnace, HRSG, and flue gas treatment steps. STEAM MASTER could also be used to model the furnace, HRSG, and steam cycle if so desired.

Steam Master Model Linked to Thermoflex

Steam Master Link Information

Steam Master Output Screen

This example shows some of the options that the Thermoflow software suite provides when modeling advanced, non-traditional power cycles and illustrates the flexibility of these programs in permitting the user to work in the way in which he or she is most comfortable. The ability to link THERMOFLEX with STEAM MASTER (or GT MASTER, if a gas turbine-based plant is being modeled) allows the user to focus on the portion of the cycle that he or she is most interested in while letting the other software to handle the rest of the calculations behind the scenes, simplifying and speeding the modeling process. The standard output screens of the linked file can be viewed for the portions of the cycle calculated by STEAM MASTER or GT MASTER, enabling the user to take advantage of the interfaces of these more focused programs.