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Basic Rankine Cycles

This is a design point model of an elementary Rankine cycle without reheat or feedwater heating. Net power at design point is 110.1 MW with a 31.1% net LHV efficiency.

A non-reheat Rankine cycle with three Feedwater Heaters: One LP, an open heater (Deaerator) and one HP. The LP heater is of the 'Pumped Forward' type, the Deaerator is a 'Contact' heater, and the HP heater has a drain cooler before its condensate is flashed back to the deaerator. This cycle uses thermodynamic assumptions that are identical to the previous model; same throttle conditions, same expansion efficiency, and the same condenser pressure, but includes feedwater heating. Use of feedheating by steam turbine extraction reduces net power output by 9.2 MW, but increases net electric efficiency by 2.4%. This cycle makes 100.9 MW net output at 33.5% net LHV efficiency.

These models are available in the Samples directory as (S1-01)Rankine_Basic.tfx, and (S1-03)Rankine_3FWH.tfx. Both models can be run in the free version of THERMOFLEX LITE provided on the restricted trial CD.