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25 MW Straight Condensing Turbine with Oil-Fired Boiler

This is a model of a small steam plant using an oil-fired “package boiler” to generate steam for a 25 MW straight condensing steam turbine.  Steam extracted from the steam turbine heats feedwater in three low pressure heaters and one high pressure heater.  An open loop condenser is cooled by seawater.  Net power is 23.9 MW at 33% LHV efficiency.  Total plant installed cost is estimated to be 1120 $/kW when sited in the gulf coast region of the US.

One of the many graphic outputs is the summary of feedwater heating as it is pumped from the condenser hotwell through the LP Heaters to the Deaerator, and then pumped to the boiler through the HP heaters.  This case extracts about 27% of the HP throttle steam to heat the feedwater from 33 °C to final feedwater delivery temperature of 231 °C.  Electrically driven feedpump consumes 345kW or 12.4 kW/kg/s.