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250 MW Single-Reheat with Pulverized Coal Boiler

This is a model of a 250MW single-reheat steam plant with a field erected, pulverized coal fired boiler.  STEAM PRO automatically selected and connected seven feedwater heaters (three HP and 4 LP) to the steam turbine.  High pressure steam conditions of 165 bar, 550 °C, and 40 bar, 550 C reheat were automatically chosen and accepted.  The automatic exhaust end sizing logic resulting in a double-flow LPT with a 928 mm (36.4”) last stage blade length.  Net power is 228.9 MW at 38.9% LHV efficiency.  Total plant installed cost is estimated to be 1505 $/kW when sited in the gulf coast region of the US.

Thermodynamic states at all steam turbine ports are displayed on this graphic.  Extractions from the symmetric LPT are shown on the left-hand side only.  The gross power generation is 254.5 MW, but is reduced by 1.14 MW mechanical losses and 3.32 MW generator losses (windage and electrical) to yield a final generator output of 250 MW.  This turbine is physically constructed using three casings, the HP, IP, and LP casings as shown in the PEACE-generated diagram below.