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100 MW Non-Reheat with Cogeneration

This is a model of a 100MW non-reheat steam plant with a field erected, heavy oil fired boiler.  STEAM PRO automatically selected five feedwater heaters for a plant of this size and configuration.  The condenser, whose design pressure was automatically chosen to be 48.3 mbar by STEAM PRO’s wizard, is cooled by water from a wet cooling tower which was found to be a four-cell design using 8.5 m diameter fans.  A moderate cogeneration stream (15 kg/s) is taken from the steam turbine crossover between the HPT and LPT and sent to process.  Net power is 94.0 MW at 33.5% LHV efficiency.  Total plant installed cost is estimated to be 971 $/kW when sited in the gulf coast region of the US.

The psychrometric chart with air inlet and exit states is one of a plethora of output graphics provided to display design point results.  Here, the ambient air at 15 °C / 60% relative humidity is heated and humidified to 100% humidity at 25.9 °C in order to reduce the cooling water from 29.2 to 17.1 °C.  The states between inlet state (A) and exit state (E) do not cross the saturation line so the plume will not be visible under this (design) condition.