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750 MW Ultra-Supercritical Double Reheat

This 750 MW ultra-supercritical double reheat plant was designed in roughly the same amount of time as the 25 MW straight condensing plant shown in the first sample. This illustrates the power of the Application-Specific approach coupled with the automation of the design wizards. The only input changes needed were to select plant size, installation location, cooling system type, and desired generator output. The balance of numerical inputs and configuration details were handled automatically by STEAM PRO, and the defaults were accepted. This plant makes 707.6 MW net power at 42.1% LHV efficiency, and costs 1198 $/kW based on US gulf coast location.

The double reheat steam turbine has a single flow HPT, single flow PIPT, double flow IPT, and three double flow LPTs. The overall unit length is estimated at 81.3 m with a total weight of 1,773 metric tonnes.

The design uses nine feedwater heaters, 4 HP heaters, 4 LP heaters, and the DA. The HP train was automatically determined to consist of two banks of heaters in parallel based on maximum allowed heater diameter, while the LP train consists of single FWH at each pressure level. This figure shows the T-Q diagram (heat transfer) to the feedwater (blue line) and the steam temperatures in purple.