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Gas Turbine Combined Cycle with Ammonia-Water Bottoming Cycle (Kalina Cycle)


THERMOFLEX models can use a variety of fluids including air, water, combustion products, brine (salt water), ethylene glycol, refrigerants, pure gasses (Helium, etc.), fuels (solid, liquid, gaseous), and ammonia-water mixtures. Some model icons are associated with a particular fluid type (class), and some are general purpose. This model, the Kalina Cycle, is a gas turbine combined cycle that uses ammonia water mixture instead of water as the working fluid in the bottoming cycle. This model makes use of THERMOFLEX’s “General Heat Exchanger" icons (shown in yellow region), instead of normal HRSG elements, for the heat recovery boiler. This is to accommodate the non-linear temperature profile of a multi-component boiling mixture. The T-Q diagram (temperature profile in heat recovery) is shown below.