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Hybrid Condenser Linked to GT MASTER Model

Powerful synergies are created by modeling plants partially in the Application-Specific paradigm and partially in THERMOFLEX. This model is one such example. The combined plant is a GTCC modeled in GT PRO and GT MASTER with the exception of the cooling system that is modeled in THERMOFLEX. Steam turbine exhaust flows out of the GT MASTER model and is condensed in the THERMOFLEX cooling system which sends the condensate back to GT MASTER. Total plant performance data are available in THERMOFLEX which preserves all the GT MASTER features as if the GT MASTER model were another icon, albeit an icon with over 2000 inputs!

This cooling system combines an air-cooled condenser and a wet condenser serviced by a cooling tower. At the design point moderate ambient condition, 50% of the steam is condensed in each half. At off-design, THERMOFLEX’s balancing splitter apportions the steam to maintain equal pressure between the two halves. Thus, more steam condenses in the air-cooled condenser when the ambient is cold and the ACC has a higher effectiveness. On the contrary, the wet side is relatively more effective on hot days and provides more than half the total condensing duty. THERMOFLEX calculates the steam flow split as well as the condenser pressure that is used to establish the expansion end-point for the steam turbine in the GTMASTER model.