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2-on-1 Combined Cycle with Dissimilar GT/HRSG Trains

A 2-on-1 combined cycle with dissimilar GT/HRSG blocks feeding a common steam turbine. This model includes three principle blocks arranged horizontally and isolated by color. At the top is an F-class gas turbine that exhausts into a three pressure reheat boiler. The yellow block in the middle is a low exhaust temperature frame machine whose exhaust flows into a two pressure non-reheat boiler. The blue block contains a reheat steam turbine consisting of HP, IP, and LP sections. The water cooled condenser is coupled to a dry cooling tower that expends the heat to the environment.

The connections between boiler and steam turbine use THERMOFLEX tags. These are the purple and green arrows that point into and away from the steam turbine. Each inlet (purple) tag has a companion outlet (green) tag that connects the nodes without need to draw the physical connecting line. This feature can enhance the model’s readability.

High pressure steam from each boiler is mixed at the HPT inlet. Hot reheat steam and IP steam mix at the IP inlet, and LP steam from the three-pressure boiler is admitted upstream of the LPT. This unconventional plant configuration is easily modeled in the fully-flexible THERMOFLEX environment. Each GT/HRSG train has independent inputs for its load level and running status.

This model file (called (S2-09)Samp6FA-6B_CC.tfx) is provided on the Thermoflow restricted trial CD and provides an easy way to start a plant design similar to this one. THERMOFLEX makes it easy to add new icons or remove unneeded ones from a plant layout. You can combine multiple THERMOFLEX files into a single composite file. So, you can build and test small subsystems independently, and then easily combine them into a complete plant model.