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Basic Single Pressure Combined Cycle

A single-pressure combined cycle based on the ‘old workhorse’ GE Frame 5 gas turbine. THERMOFLEX color-codes the streams to easily identify fluid type. Red streams are air or combustion products. Blue streams are water in any of its subcooled, saturated, superheated, or supercritical states. Orange streams are fuel. Here inlet air (lower left) is cooled by an electric chiller to below the dew point where condensate is removed before chilled air enters the gas turbine (top left). Hot engine exhaust flows into an unfired single pressure boiler consisting of superheater, evaporator, and economizer. GT exhaust energy recovery generates steam that expands through a single stage steam turbine to a condenser serviced by a dry cooling tower. Condensate plus makeup is pumped back to the cold end of the economizer.

This model file (called (S2-04)CC_Frame5_1P_CH.tfx) is available on the Thermoflow restricted trial CD and can be run using THERMOFLEX LITE, the free version of THERMOFLEX that comes on the Thermoflow trial CD.