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PEACE Output for 2-on-1 Reheat Combined Cycle Power Plant

The following plant design is a 2-on-1 reheat combined cycle designed for a warm climate on a 50 Hz grid. The basic plant layout is shown below.


The boiler heat transfer surface description is a prime output from the design and is a pivotal input to the cost estimation logic. The table below shows this computed data for several of the 17 different heat exchangers in this boiler.


Estimated boiler footprint is 45.2 m x 9.2 m with an overall height of 50 m to main stack exit. Total boiler dry weight is 3,184 metric tonnes. The boiler contains 8,034 tubes (each 38 mm in diameter) with a total of 192,087 square meters of surface area where 17.2% is superheater surface, 39.4% is evaporator surface, and 43.5% is economizer surface.

The boiler specification available from the PEACE Equipment tables is shown below. The detailed breakdown of dimensions and weights is used in the cost estimation model to predict final equipment cost. Additional estimates for manhours for civil works and boiler erection are incorporated into the complete plant cost based on boiler size and weight. Any changes in assumptions for the heat balance, or equipment configuration are used to update the estimated cost of the equipment and overall plant.