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Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration) Plant

Combined heat and power facility generates 28.7 MW of electric output and 53.3 MW of thermal output for a heat to power ratio of near 1.9.  Two gas turbines exhaust into fired two-pressure vertical waste heat boilers to make 78 tonne/hour superheated steam at 40 bar / 325 C and 3 tonne/hour saturated steam at 7bar.  Gas turbines use steam injection for NOx control, and use distillate as a backup fuel.  Plant net power is 28.7 MW at 79.8% CHP efficiency and 27.9% LHV net electric efficiency (12900 kJ/kWhr net LHV heat rate).  Total installed US plant costs range from 1057 to 1258 $/kW depending on location.