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Fully-Flexible Heat Balance Engineering Software

THERMOFLEX is a fully flexible program that allows you to model a broad range of thermal systems, with emphasis on power generation and cogeneration.  THERMOFLEX can be used to model gas turbine combined cycles, steam power plants, or repowering, in addition to a virtually endless variety of power plant systems, standard or novel.  THERMOFLEX provides design and off-design modes into a single program, so you can use one program for all your calculations.  THERMOFLEX is an economical alternative for users who have a wide range of application interests, but insufficient activity in any one plant type to justify the cost of the application-specific programs.

To build a model in THERMOFLEX, you simply click on icons representing the components you wish to use, place them wherever you want on your screen, and connect them to other components in your system.  User friendly warnings will inform you of inappropriate or unresolved connections.  Once your system layout is complete, you can progress through simple, intuitive, pull-down menus to specify performance parameters for each component.


Thermoflow’s experience, developed over fifteen years of serving hundreds of software users, has been harnessed to make THERMOFLEX as user-friendly as a fully-flexible program can be.  Unlike many other fully-flexible programs, THERMOFLEX will, in the vast majority of cases, solve your initial mass balance for a totally new model without asking you to pre-define an initial mass balance or declare flow rates or components which dictate them.  In addition, THERMOFLEX will check to detect inconsistencies in your inputs before launching the computation, and has an extensive system to trap and identify errors or incompatibilities detected during computation.  A vast library, with hundreds of diagnostic messages, will guide you to productively resolve any difficulties. 

Modular structure

THERMOFLEX is completely modular, with each component represented by an icon and modeled by its own self-contained subroutine.  This approach allows us to continuously expand and improve the program by adding new components or expanding the scope of existing component models while maintaining compatibility with previous versions.

Extensive component library

The THERMOFLEX library contains models for over 180 components.  These have a venerable pedigree, since most component models originate from Thermoflow’s proven, world-class, application-specific programs.  For example, the full gas turbine library and calculation method used in GT PRO and GT MASTER is included in THERMOFLEX  Likewise, the proven, robust procedures used to model components such as boilers, condensers, cooling towers or feedwater heaters are adapted from GT PRO/GT MASTER or STEAM PRO/STEAM MASTER.  In addition, THERMOFLEX includes additional components that allow modeling plants beyond the scope of GT PRO / GT MASTER or STEAM PRO / STEAM MASTER.  THERMOFLEX also includes an extensive library of reciprocating engines, with over 375 engine models, both diesel and gas-fired.

A wealth of engineering details

THERMOFLEX users who have licensed the PEACE (Plant Engineering And Construction Estimator) module get instant equipment designs, specifications and cost estimates for many components, such as piping, pumps, fin-fan coolers, chillers, cooling towers, etc.

Compatibility with Thermoflow’s application-specific programs

THERMOFLEX, like any other fully flexible program, requires far more time and expertise to design and simulate realistic cycles than our popular application-specific programs.  For instance, a complex combined cycle that you can create with GT PRO in a few minutes could require several hours to build from scratch in THERMOFLEX or other fully flexible environments.  Software customers and developers have sought the elusive, perfect compromise between total flexibility and quick set-up for years.  We believe that Thermoflow is the only developer of thermal power system software to have resolved this conflict.  You can simply use GT PRO to rapidly design a large complex combined cycle, then, through a Thermoflow software bridge, transfer the design into THERMOFLEX, where you can make modifications or additions or even combine it with other THERMOFLEX files.

You can even link THERMOFLEX models to one or more GT PRO/GT MASTER models.  For instance you can build a combined cycle in GT PRO or GT MASTER and link it to a THERMOFLEX network.  Steam, water, air, flue gases, or fuel entering (or leaving) the GT PRO or GT MASTER models can come from (or go to) the THERMOFLEX network.  Automatic matching of flow rates and pressures at the boundaries between such hybrid models ensures that the entire hybrid model functions as a single, integrated system.  This procedure greatly facilitates modeling complex systems, comprised of many separate plants acting together as a single facility.