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Thermoflow provides bundles of software products chosen to best meet the diverse needs of users in the industry. Whether you are a power plant developer, consultant, engineering firm, equipment manufacturer, plant operator, or owner’s engineer you will find a bundle that fits your needs

Scoping studies for gas turbine combined cycles and cogeneration plants.  Design point heat balance, cost estimate and preliminary engineering. GT Developer’s Kit GT PRO, PDE, PEACE
Adds off-design simulation capability to the developer’s kit. Compute expected plant performance at different ambients, equipment loads, degradation levels. Advanced GT Developer’s System GT Developer’s Kit plus GT MASTER
Adds fully-flexible design, simulation, and user-defined detailed engineering capabilities to enhance or extend GT PRO and GT MASTER models. Design and simulate entire plants using the fully-flexible approach, or engineer plant sub-systems to support models built with the application specific programs. Engineer’s System Advanced GT Developer’s System plus THERMOFLEX
Design and off-design heat balance, cost estimate and preliminary engineering for conventional steam plants. Cycle design analysis together with ability to predict expected plant performance at equipment loads, degradation levels, cooling system operation. Conventional Steam Cycle Package STEAM PRO, STEAM MASTER, PEACE
Complete set of application specific programs for design point heat balance, off-design expected performance, preliminary engineering and cost estimation for gas turbine combined cycles, conventional steam plants, and repowering of steam plants using gas turbines. Conventional Steam and Combined Cycle Modeling Package Conventional Steam Cycle Package, Advanced GT Developer’s System, plus RE-MASTER
The ultimate combination of application specific and fully-flexible software for power plant design, off-design predictive simulation, preliminary engineering, cost estimation. Comprehensive Package All Programs