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Fully-flexible design and simulation of combined cycles, cogeneration systems, and other thermal power systems

THERMOFLEX is a modular program with a graphical interface that allows you to assemble a model from icons representing over one hundred and seventy-five different components.  The program covers both design and off-design simulation, and models all types of power plants, including combined cycles, conventional steam cycles, and repowering.  It can also model general thermal power systems and networks.  It answers the need of some customers for a single, "jack-of-all-trades" program.

In addition to being a comprehensive, stand-alone tool, THERMOFLEX may be used in conjunction with Thermoflow’s application-specific programs to provide powerful synergies.   GT PRO plant designs can be directly loaded into THERMOFLEX.  Composite models built partly in GT PRO, GT MASTER, and THERMOFLEX can be created to extort the best of the Application-Specific and Fully-Flexible approaches to plant modeling.


THERMOFLEX is a fully-flexible program for design and off-design simulation of thermal systems with a strong emphasis on combined cycle and conventional steam plants.  Its extensive library of components facilitates designing plants based on typical practice of today, or investigation of novel designs that may become practical tomorrow.  THERMOFLEX can operate on its own using virtual models of components, or together with PEACE which provides a set of physical components whose weights and dimensions provide the basis for estimated cost.  THERMOFLEX can link to one or more models built in GT PRO, GT MASTER, or STEAM MASTER to create super-models that exploit the best features of the Application-Specific and Fully-Flexible systems.

Basic Single Pressure Combined Cycle
2-on-1 Combined Cycle with Dissimilar GT/HRSG Trains
Humid Air Turbine (HAT) Cycle
Reciprocating Engine with Cogeneration of Steam
Hybrid Condenser Linked to GT MASTER Model
Gas Turbine Combined Cycle with Ammonia-Water Mixture Bottoming Cycle (Kalina Cycle)
Comparison of Two CO2 Capture Methods for a Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plant
Comparison of Two Modeling Methods for a Gas Cleanup System
Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle – Post- vs. Pre- Combustion CO2 Capture


If you would like to learn more about THERMOFLEX and how it fits into our entire software suite, we would be happy to send you a restricted trial version of our comprehensive software suite, or show you the program online.

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We invite you to order a restricted trial version of our software suite.  The free trial package comes with working versions of our software with restrictions on only a few of the thousands of program inputs.  The package also includes THERMOFLEX LITE, a free version of THERMOFLEX which you can use to construct numerous models of practical systems.

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