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Preliminary plant engineering and cost estimation module for use with GT PRO, GT MASTER, and THERMOFLEX

PEACE is a module that is licensed separately, but works seamlessly within Thermoflow’s main heat balance programs.  Its functionality within GT PRO & GT MASTER is comprehensive, proven and mature.  Its functionality within THERMOFLEX is focused on roughly thirty-five components, covering heat recovery boilers, feedwater heaters, wet condensers, cooling towers, air-cooled condensers, piping, pumps, and others used to model balance-of-plant components and sub-systems.

When used within GT PRO or GT MASTER, PEACE provides additional inputs to automate the preliminary engineering and cost estimation of each plant, as designed in GT PRO, or as modified in GT MASTER.  The logical cost functions for all equipment and balance-of-plant are derived from the detailed hardware specifications, so that any design change is immediately reflected in corresponding changes in both performance and cost.  This greatly facilitates the techno-economic optimization of major equipment, such as boilers, steam turbines, condensers, or cooling towers; as well as plant subsystems, such as piping, pumps, and gas turbine inlet chillers.


PEACE runs alongside our heat balance software, performing preliminary engineering calculations to determine the weights, dimensions, and costs of the components needed to achieve the heat balance design.  PEACE inputs that affect physical equipment layout and design are available coincident to the heat balance inputs.  A complete set of equipment data sheets and schematics are provided on output.  A detailed equipment cost breakdown is provided which can be modified by the user, and exported to Excel for further revision.

PEACE Output from a 2-on-1 Reheat Combined Cycle


If you would like to learn more about PEACE and how it fits into our entire software suite, we would be happy to send you a restricted trial version of our comprehensive software suite, or show you the program online.

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We invite you to order a restricted trial version of our software suite.  The free trial package comes with working versions of our software with restrictions on only a few of the thousands of program inputs.  The package also includes THERMOFLEX LITE, a free version of THERMOFLEX which you can use to construct numerous models of practical systems.

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