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Gas turbine combined cycle simulation program to predict expected plant performance using proven hardware based models

GT MASTER Simulates expected performance of a given plant at different operating conditions, such as different ambients and loads.  The roughly 2500 inputs which define plant hardware and main control set-points can all be initialized for a plant by simply reading its GT PRO design file.  Once a GT MASTER plant model has been fine-tuned, it can be run from within MS Excel.  This makes it easy to generate correction curves from the GT MASTER model to help planners forecast their fuel consumption and electricity production and to model their cash-flows.  The extensive engineering and cost estimation functions obtained in conjunction with the PEACE module facilitate optimization of design details, such as pipe sizing or pump selection.


Whereas GT PRO allows you to quickly create new plant designs, GT MASTER enables you to evaluate how those designs perform at off-design conditions.  GT MASTER computes expected plant performance when you adjust site ambient conditions, equipment load setpoints, equipment control logic, hardware definitions, degradation levels, fuel characteristics, etceteras.  You can quickly map out expected plant performance envelope under the ambient, dispatch, and operating conditions the plant will run in.


Net Dependable Capacity of a 350 MW Condensing Combined Cycle with Cogeneration

Performance of a 350 MW Condensing Combined Cycle with Cogeneration at Varying Loads



If you would like to learn more about GT MASTER and how it fits into our entire software suite, we would be happy to send you a restricted trial version of our comprehensive software suite, or show you the program online.

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We invite you to order a restricted trial version of our software suite.  The free trial package comes with working versions of our software with restrictions on only a few of the thousands of program inputs.  The package also includes THERMOFLEX LITE, a free version of THERMOFLEX which you can use to construct numerous models of practical systems.

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