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February 29, 2012: Thermoflow Suite 22 (TFLOW22) released. Some highlights follow.

  • Reduced computation time for all programs.

  • Simplified annual model for estimating project cashflow in GT MASTER and STEAM MASTER.

  • GT MASTER includes new chiller operating modes for plants including chilled water storage. It also has a feature where one file can model plant operation over a 24-hour period when the chiller system includes storage.

  • STEAM PRO has a Black Box Steam Generator model and a Bubbling Fluid Bed Boiler model.

  • STEAM PRO includes a design Methodology selection that affects how the heat balance and hardware design are inter-related.

  • THERMOFLEX includes a Searcher feature that automatically finds the value of a model input parameter that yields a maximum or minimum value of a model output value.

  • Solar Tower model with and without storage was added to THERMOFLEX.

  • THERMOFLEX has a Black Box Steam Generator component for simple boiler modeling.

Read update letter distributed with TFLOW22 for details.