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March 15, 2009: Thermoflow Suite 19 (TFLOW19) released. Some highlights follow.

  • Post-combustion capture of CO2 from flue gas in combined cycles, and pre-combustion CO2 capture in IGCC plants are available in GT PRO/MASTER.

  • Post-combustion CO2 capture from flue gas is available in STEAM PRO/MASTER.

  • CO2 capture using physical or chemical absorption is available in THERMOFLEX to extract CO2 from flue gas or syngas streams.

  • GT PRO and GT MASTER include a large-format comprehensive heat balance diagram to display detailed heat and mass balance results for the entire plant model on a single flowsheet. A 4ft x 3ft (1220mm x 914mm) comprehensive heat balance printout for an IGCC plant is included to demonstrate this new feature.

  • STEAM PRO and STEAM MASTER include a grate-fired boiler option for modeling plants burning low grade fuels like municipal solid waste.

  • THERMOFLEX/PEACE includes additional shell-tube heat exchangers for use with a variety of fluids in liquid, two-phase, and vapor states.

  • THERMOFLEX Solar Field now includes linear Fresnel collector configuration, direct steam generation (DSG) capability, and cost estimation. Read update letter distributed with TFLOW19 for details.

  • 18 new gas turbine specifications were added to the GT library used by all THERMOFLOW programs. 2 gas turbine specifications were updated. The library now includes 372 engine specifications.

Read update letter distributed with TFLOW19 for details.