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March 15, 2008: Thermoflow Suite 18 (TFLOW18) released. Some highlights follow.

  • PEACE cost estimations in all programs have been revised significantly upward consistent with changes in the power generation and infrastructure marketplace. Expect plant cost increases of 25 to 35% relative to estimates from Version 17.

  • The PEACE Schematic outputs for GT PRO and GT MASTER now include a three-dimensional view of your plant..

  • GT PRO now includes a District heating design wizard. New DH configurations include ability to integrate an HRSG economizer with the bled steam district heating condensers..

  • A new file comparison feature compares GT PRO or GT MASTER files to reveal differences among their inputs.

  • Improvements made to THERMOFLEX provide more details for boiler design, and include a grate-fired furnace, an independent fuel pulverizer, a radiantly cooled passage, and addition of water wall heat transfer coincident with convective heat exchangers.

  • New components in THERMOFLEX accommodate modeling solar thermal cycles. A new fluid type was added to represent thermal oils. The thermal oil library includes about 25 commercially available heat transfer fluids.

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers to represent economizers, evaporators, and superheaters were added.

  • Fuel database was updated so it now includes over 40 biomass fuels.

Read update letter distributed with TFLOW18 for details.