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July 25, 2006: Thermoflow Suite 16 (TFLOW16) released. Some highlights follow.

  • Significant IGCC enhancements to GT PRO and GT MASTER. New hardware-based models for the gasifier vessel and raw syngas coolers were added in this version. Additional steam sources are now available for interconnecting raw syngas coolers to the power island. New IGCC output graphics were added to better illustrate flows between the gasification plant and the power island. The gas cleanup system now includes a CO shift with supplemental steam sources from the power block. ASU model includes a more detailed model of the intercooled compressor trains.

  • THERMOFLEX's refrigerant list was expanded to include 39 additional materials whose properties are computed using the REFPROP 7.0 software from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

  • STEAM PRO and STEAM MASTER now include a pulverizer capacity model to estimate coal handling capacity as a function of fuel hardness, desired fineness, and moisture content.

  • 21 new gas turbine specifications were added to the GT library used by all THERMOFLOW programs. The library now includes 324 engine specifications.

  • All PRO and MASTER programs include new pie charts and block diagrams are to concisely illustrate the breakdown of energy flows into and out of the plant.

  • THERMOFLEX includes new components for flue gas handling and treatment including flyash removal using electrostatic precipitation or fabric filters, and wet limestone desulphurization. A new district heater component designed to more easily interact with steam turbines over a wide load range is included.

  • PEACE cost estimates in all programs were updated to reflect an up tick in gas turbine pricing, and to track continued strong worldwide demand for labor and basic commodities including steel and concrete.

  • THERMOFLEX now has an automated steam turbine loading mode. It causes steam flow to the turbine to be adjusted so the turbine’s shaft output or its generator power balances another load in the plant.

  • 16 new reciprocating engine specs were added to the engine library used by THERMOFLEX and RECIPRO. The library now contains 374 engine specs.

  • The off-design UA model for THERMOFLEX virtual HRSG heat exchangers was improved to include effects of stream temperatures and pressures. The list-style input menus for these components were replaced by user-friendly graphical menus.

Read update letter distributed with TFLOW16 for details.