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August 16, 2005: Thermoflow Suite 15 (TFLOW15) released. Some highlights follow.

  • Alternate language options are provided for GT PRO, GT MASTER, PEACE, STEAM PRO, and STEAM MASTER to make the programs more friendly and understandable to users whose first language is not English.

  • A cooling system optimization process has been implemented in GT MASTER and STEAM MASTER. The program determines the number of operating cooling water pumps and, if present, the number of operating full speed and half speed cells of a multi-cell cooling tower that should be running for best plant performance, or sets numbers of operating full and half speed fans of air-cooled condensers.

  • An improved feedwater heater system design wizard has been implemented in STEAM PRO which will automatically adjust steam turbine bleed pressures and feedwater heater exit temperatures, allowing the casual user to alter steam turbine conditions with confidence that the feedwater heating system will follow appropriately.

  • Gas turbine database now includes 303 specifications. Users with a license for the GE APPS program can run GT PRO and GT MASTER using GE APPS as the calculation engine for the gas turbine.

Read update letter distributed with TFLOW15 for details.